Welcome to Steve's music pages

This site was created to make the sheet music for the tunes played in the traditional Irish sessions held every Sunday afternoon at McGinty's Irish Bar, Cairns Australia, easily available to all players. I have arranged it into individual tunes, common sets, and some songs. The tunes and sets are available to download as either .abc, .pdf, or .mid formats while the song sheets are in PDF, ChordPro, OpenSong, and standard text formats.

Other formats such as TAB for your particular instrument, MusicXML, ChordPro, or MP3 are available for individual tunes on request.

Note that this site will pretty much always be a work in progress and new tunes will be added from time to time. If you would like to receive email notices about new additions to this site, send me a message. I will only send out updates once a week at the most.

If there is a tune that you think should be listed here but is missing please contact me. Comments and suggestions are also welcome.


Most Recent Uploads

5 August 2021: Most tunes and sets have been updated with improved MIDI files and various errors and omissions fixed.


  • 5 August 2021: Autumn Child
  • 5 August 2021: Keel Row
  • 5 August 2021: Planxty Irwin


  • 29 July 2021: Wise Maid Set (revised)


  • 30 July 2021: The Irish Pub
  • 30 July 2021: Red Is the Rose
  • 30 July 2021: Loch Lomond