Sets Downloads

This page contains download links to .abc and .pdf files for most of the sets that are commonly played at McGinty's Irish Bar in Cairns. Click on the links adjacent to the titles to download the related files.

NB: Files for the individual tunes in these sets can be found on the tunes page. There are no midi files for these sets.

Sets Listing

Ash Plant Set
Includes The Ash Plant, Paddy White and High Reel
Blackthorn Set
Includes Blackthorn Stick, Rakes Of Kildare and Tenpenny Bit
Bucks Of Oranmore Set
Includes The Bucks Of Oranmore and The Green Gates
Cock O' The North Set
Includes Cock o' The North, 100 Pipers and O'Keefe's Slide
Devil Amongst The Tailors Set
Includes The Devil Amongst The Tailors (aka The Devil's Dream) and The Fairy Dance
Drowsy Maggie Set
Includes Drowsy Maggie and O'Neill's March
Fanny Power Set
Includes Fanny Power and The Munster Cloak
Foxhunters Set
Includes Foxhunters Jig and Dublin Streets
Frank's Reel Set
Includes Frank's Reel, Saint Anne's Reel and The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Hut On Staffin Island Set
Includes The Hut On Staffin Island and The Belfast Hornpipe
Jolly Beggarman Set
Includes The Jolly Beggarman (a.k.a. Little Beggarman, Red Haired Boy) and Soldier's Joy
King Of The Fairies Set
Includes King Of The Fairies and The Pride Of Petravore
Lannigan's Ball Set
Includes Lannigan's Ball and Top of Cork Road
Lord Mayo Set
Includes Lord Mayo, Gavotte and Brenda Stubbert's
Macleods Farewell Set
Includes Macleod's Farewell, The Wedding Reel, Spootiskerry and Willafjord
Maid Behind The Bar Set
Includes Maid Behind The Bar, The, Sally Gardens and Junior Crehan's
Merrily Kissed The Quaker Set
Includes Merrily Kissed The Quaker, Tripping Up The Stairs and The Atholl Highlanders
Miss Mccleod's Set
Includes Miss McLeod's Reel, The Bag Of Spuds and The New Mown Meadows
Off To California Set
Includes Off To California, Harvest Home and Boys Of Bluehill
Pat Horgan's Set
Includes Pat Horgan's No1, Pat Horgan's No2 and John Ryan's Polka
Portsmouth Set
Includes Portsmouth, Rakes of Mallow and Davey Knick-Knack
Sally Gardens Set
Includes Sally Gardens and Junior Crehan's
Scarterglen Set
Includes Scarterglen and Denis Murphy's
Seige Of Ennis Set
Includes Seige Of Ennis, Rose Tree and Bog Down In The Valley
Ships In Full Sail Set
Includes Ships In Full Sail, The Connaughtman's Rambles and The Kerfunten Jig
Swallowtail Set
Includes The Swallowtail, The Kesh and Irish Washerwoman, The
Sweeney's Set
Includes Sweeney's and Rose Tree
Trip To Cullenstown Set
Includes The Trip To Cullenstown, The Merry Blacksmith and Mason’s Apron
Whiskey Before Breakfast Set
Includes Whiskey Before Breakfast, Father Kelly's and The Mountain Road
Wise Maid Set
Includes The Wise Maid, The Foxhunter and Paddy White